The Conference F5 Solutions Day, Veracomp, Romania

The Course Social Media Implication in Law Enforcemente, The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), Hungary

The International Multi Track Conference on Sciences, Engineering & Technical Innovations, The CT Group of Institutions, India

The International Policing Forum, The People’s Public Security University of China, China

The Seminar GoDigital, PRISMA European Network, Romania

The Economic Forum, The Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, Poland

IDC IT Security Roadshow, The International Data Corporation (IDC), Romania

The Conference Cybersecurity Challenges, Marshall Center, Romania

The Radio Romania News Euroatlantica, Romania

The Workshop Challenges and Opportunities in Cyberspace, Al. I. Cuza Police Academy, Romania



I.C. Mihai, C. Ciuchi, and G. Petrică – Current challenges in the field of cybersecurity – the impact and Romania’s contribution to the field
ISBN 978-606-11-6575-9, Sitech Publishing, 2018

Romania's cybersecurity

The book “Current challenges in the field of cybersecurity – the impact and Romania’s contribution to the field” aims to analyze the current challenges in cyberspace, identifying threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to cybersecurity.
It contains the following chapters: General aspects of cybersecurity, Evaluation of Romania’s preparedness in line with the European framework, Cooperation between the public and private sector, Recommendations on the development of cybersecurity culture, Conclusions.

I.C. Mihai – Procedures for Detecting Cybercrime Activities on Websites
ISBN 978-606-11-6119-5, Sitech Publishing, 2017


The book “Procedures for Detecting Cybercrime Activities on Websites” aims to analyze the procedures for detecting the cybercrime activities on the websites compromised by cybercriminals. The research intends to emphasize the importance of cyberspace security and to propose methods to mitigate the cyber-attacks effects.
It contains the following chapters: The study of cyber-attacks, Monitoring websites security, Developing the research website, Conclusions.

I.C. Mihai, G. Petrică, C. Ciuchi, and L. Giurea – Cybersecurity Challenges and Strategies
ISBN 978-606-11-4951-3, Sitech Publishing, 2015


The book “Cybersecurity Challenges and Strategies” aims to present the concept of cybersecurity and to propose strategies and solutions to ensure it.
It contains the following chapters: The concept of cybersecurity, Cyber-attacks structure, Cybersecurity risks management, Analysis of encryption mechanisms, Study of digital certificates, Management of digital rights on multimedia information and documents, The platform

I.C. Mihai, G. Petrică – Information Security. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
ISBN 978-606-11-4364-1, Sitech Publishing, 2014

Information Security v2

The book “Information Security. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded.” presents solutions and methods for information security assurance.
It contains the following chapters: The concept of information security, Vulnerabilities, Cybersecurity threats and risks, Theoretical security models, Security services in distributed systems, Data encryption mechanisms, Security applications, Computer systems survivability, The platform

I.C. Mihai, L. Giurea – Cybercrime. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
ISBN 978-606-11-4363-4, Sitech Publishing, 2014

Cybercrime v2

The book “Cybercrime. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded.” presents a complex study on cybercrime phenomenon, analyzing the current cyber-attacks.
It contains the following chapters: Computer networks architecture, Computer vulnerabilities classification, Cyber-criminals profile analysis, Presentation of computer crimes, Cyber-attacks classification, Cyber-attacks structure, Developing an attack tree, Study of the impact of cyber-attacks, The platform

I.C. Mihai – Concepts and Applied Computer Science
ISBN 978-606-11-0802-2, Sitech Publishing, 2010

Computer Science

The book “Concepts and Applied Computer Science” offers both basic knowledge and advanced notions for those who want to deepen the next computer science domains: computer hardware components, Microsoft Windows operating system, the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, computer networks, computer system security, and HTML (HyperText Markup Language) for creating websites.

I.C. Mihai, S. Vasile – E-learning – Conceptual View
ISBN 978-606-530-778-0, Sitech Publishing, 2009

eLearning Concept

The book “E-learning – Conceptual View” presents the distance education, emerged thanks to the informatics and communications technology development – a further opportunity offered to those who want to form continuously. It does not exclude classical education but adds virtual resources: multimedia CD’s, online courses, audio-video conference, chat, pod-casting, blogs, simulations and computer adaptive testing.

I.C. Mihai – Computer System Security
ISBN 978-973-627-369-8, “Dunărea de Jos” Publishing, 2007

Computer Security

The book “Computer System Security” present methods for preventing attackers from achieving objectives through unauthorized access or unauthorized use of computers and networks. Three basic security concepts important to information are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. While security traditionally has been focused on these three concepts, the new issues are concerned on the system survivability – the availability of information and continuity of services.

I.C. Mihai, M. Pantea, L. Giurea, and D. Pânzariu – Applied Computer Science
ISBN 978-973-723-120-8, “Lucman” Publishing, 2005

Applied informatics

The book “Applied Computer Science” offers advanced knowledge in networking and Internet. The chapters from this book are Computer networks, Internet, HyperText Markup Language, Computer investigation methods, Computer system security solutions, The legal protection of computer programs. The book offers useful information and examples in learning all about creating web pages with HTML language.