The Conference F5 Solutions Day, Veracomp, Romania

The Course Social Media Implication in Law Enforcemente, The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), Hungary

The International Multi Track Conference on Sciences, Engineering & Technical Innovations, The CT Group of Institutions, India

The International Policing Forum, The People’s Public Security University of China, China

The Seminar GoDigital, PRISMA European Network, Romania

The Economic Forum, The Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, Poland

IDC IT Security Roadshow, The International Data Corporation (IDC), Romania

The Conference Cybersecurity Challenges, Marshall Center, Romania

The Radio Romania News Euroatlantica, Romania

The Workshop Challenges and Opportunities in Cyberspace, Al. I. Cuza Police Academy, Romania


Monthly Archives: June 2016

Volume 5, Issue 1 of IJISC was published

Volume 5, Issue 1 of IJISC - International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime was published on June 29, 2016. This issue can be read at the address: IJISC – International Journal of Information Security and Cybercrime is a biannual scientific publication edited by Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance in collaboration with professors and experts from Department of Police and Behavioral Sciences from Police Faculty – “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy, Department of Electronics ...

European Judicial Cooperation in the Area of Cybercrime

CJS – Centre for Studies of Justice and Security organized the conference European Judicial Cooperation in the Area of Cybercrime on June 23, 2016. On this conference I represented "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Police Academy and RAISA - Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance and I had the presentation Data Safety in CyberSpace. This conference was organised in the European Judicial Cooperation Project in Combating Cybercrime, September 2015 – June 2016. The objective of this project, co-funded by the European Union, was to support ...

National Conference on Cybersecurity, Second Edition

Bursa newspaper in partnership with the Romanian Association of Banks organized the second edition of the National Conference on Cybersecurity, on June 14, 2016. On this conference I represented RAISA - Romanian Association of Information Security Assurance. The topics discussed in this conference were: Policies and cybersecurity and defense strategies applicable to public and private organizations; Good practices in online commerce, retention and processing data for intellectual property protection and combating piracy; Users rights ...

Cyberspace is officially a war zone

According to NATO, cyberspace is the new front in global war. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says it has become clear that dangerous attacks can be launched on the internet and among computer networks just as easily as they can on the battlefield. “Most crises and conflicts today have a cyber dimension,” Stoltenberg said, “So treating cyber as an operational domain would enable us to better protect our missions and operations”. This declaration was made after a meeting of defense ministers from the organisation’s member nations. Making ...

COMM 2016 – International Conference on Communications

Military Technical Academy and University Politehnica of Bucharest organized COMM 2016 - The 11th International Conference on Communications on June 9-11, 2016. I participated to this conference as a representative of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy. COMM 2016 brought together academics and industry professionals from universities, government agencies and companies to present their achievements in communication technology and related fields. Some areas of interest in this conference were: Signal Processing, Natural Language and Speech ...