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OWASP Romania InfoSec 2014

OWASP Romania InfoSec Conference 2014 – second edition, took place on Octomber 25, 2014 at University Politehnica from Bucharest. The conference was organized by OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project, a non-governmental organization whose goal is to provide solutions for experts and organizations to implement cybersecurity. RAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance was present at the event by assistant professor Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI – Vice President of RAISA and by Ing. Ionut-Daniel BARBU – RAISA member and OWASP organizer.


OWASP Romania InfoSec 2014 Conference starts to be an usual event among information security experts and enthusiasts from Romania. The event aimed to encourage the exchange of ideas between experts in securing computer applications. The conference audience was composed of IT experts, professors and students interested in cybersecurity.


The conference began with a speech of Miss. Oana Cornea, leader of the Romanian chapter of OWASP, who presented the importance of the event organized in terms of the security risks from virtual environment. Reviewing the conference agenda, the speaker who got remarked is Mr. Dinis CRUZ – one of the core developers of OWASP organization, information security consultant from London, expert in static code and dynamic websites source analysis. Mr. Dinis CRUZ had two presentations related to OWASP O2 Platform. In the first presentation he talked about how to use the tools available in OWASP O2 Platform and in the second one he highlighted the importance of access to systems integration and analysis of source code by software developers for a better understanding of the security of a program from the early stage of development.


Another presentation of general interest was kept by Mr. Andrzej KLESNICKI from Qualys, who presented the development process of a software application in terms of information security. Mr. Dan VASILE, who in previous OWASP conference presented aspects of securing WordPress platform, has developed and presented an OWASP project and a list of actions that any WordPress administrator should follow. Efforts in gathering information from various sources and his experience led to a highly appreciated speech by the audience. Equally well received was Mr. Enrico BRANCA who described several ways to implement security measures in Python. The conference ended with a presentation of the latest vulnerability discovered – Shellshock, held by Mr. Tudor ENACHE.

The materials presented at this conference will be available on the dedicated website of the conference:

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