The International Multi Track Conference on Sciences, Engineering & Technical Innovations, The CT Group of Institutions, India

The International Policing Forum, The People’s Public Security University of China, China

The Conference Cybersecurity Challenges, Marshall Center, Romania

IDC IT Security Roadshow, The International Data Corporation (IDC), Romania

The Seminar GoDigital, PRISMA European Network, Romania

The International Law Enforcement Cooperation Course, The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), Hungary

The AEPC Conference & General Council Meeting, The Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC), Turkey

Challenges and Opportunities in Cyberspace Workshop, Al. I. Cuza Police Academy, Romania

Challenges and Opportunities in Cyberspace Workshop - Second Edition, Al. I. Cuza Police Academy, Romania

Tor and Darknet Course, The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), Romania


Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity Day 2016

The Romanian Banking Institute and certSIGN organized the conference Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity Day 2016 on November 3, 2016. I attended this conference as a representative of “A.I. Cuza” Police Academy and RAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance.

Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity Day Conference aims to become the main point of reference for cybersecurity specialists wanting to hear hear about the latest research, technologies and best practice, as well as the sharing and advancement of knowledge. The conference provided an opportunity to network with cybersecurity professionals, to share ideas and discuss the challenges facing the industry.

The sessions were chosen and presented by recognized international and Romanian experts in the field, with main focus on:

  • Cybersecurity realm and risk impact – threat evolution and evaluation, and why is it relevant for business risk management;
  • Preparing for the worst with the best technologies – layered defenses, what can you apply where, best practices;
  • Intelligence driven security approach – why you need to change the way you think: from malware to adversaries;
  • Coping with the challenge – using managed service providers and CSIRT/CERTs as import of expertise, focus efficiency, and alignment of competencies.

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