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CyberThreats 2014

Cyberthreats Conference – the VIIth edition, was organized by Romanian Banking Institute (RBI), on 13 November 2014. RAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance was present at the event by assistant professor Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI – Vice President of RAISA.

The conference was organized with the partnership of CIO Council Romania, the contribution of professional experts from Romanian Intelligence Service, CERT-RO, with the participation of Romanian National Bank (BNR) and the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), the Romanian Association of Banks, financial institutions, government institutions, national agencies, large consulting and audit firms and support of several prestigious information technology and security companies. This edition focused on the major risks due to old and new threats and methods to keep up with, both technological and procedural principles and methods of crisis management.


The main topic of the conference was information security between extremes: operational risk management and business needs. Among the topics of this event, there were interesting debates on:

  • cyber threats as a global phenomenon, the need for a systemic approaches;
  • cybercrime as a service – methods to counteract;
  • operational risk regulatory needs, from cyber security to banking and financial sector regulatory activities;
  • how to protect customers assets and identity in online environment ;
  • the need for information security processes and standards;
  • who can apply preventive and proactive measures, the need for a financial CERT;
  • CISO, between business and best practices
  • the state of cybersecurity in Romania.


The event was opened by dr. Gabriela Hartescu – general director of RBI. The conference agenda included names of important cybersecurity specialists:

  • Florin COSMOIU, CyberInt Director – Romanian Intelligence Service;
  • Petru DĂNESCU – Financial Supervisory Authority;
  • Cătălin PĂTRAŞCU, Romanian National Computer Incident Response Team (CERT-RO);
  • Tomiţă CIMPEANU – National Association for Information Systems Security (ANSSI)
  • Răzvan GRIGORESCU, President of Commission of IT&C Security – Romanian Association of Banks;
  • Costin G. RAIU, Director, Global Research & Analysis Team – Kaspersky Lab;
  • Bogdan TUDOR, CEO – Class IT Outsourcing;
  • Yugo NEUMORNI, President – Cio Council Romania;
  • Gabriel Mihai TĂNASE – Senior Manager, KPMG;
  • Mihai OPREA, Audit & Security Specialist, Class IT Outsourcing.


The conference was an important event in the field of cyber risks in the financial services industry, the discussions being held operational risk management domain. The event provided answers that could be implemented to banking regulations, procedures, guidelines for implementation, by identifying best practices and standards that can ensure the information security.

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