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Cybersecurity in Romania 2014

The Conference Cybersecurity in Romania was organized in Sibiu by Swiss WebAcademy – a Romaian-Swiss web professional association, together with Security Brokers from Italy and Agora IT Media Group from Bucharest. RAISA – Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance was present at this conference as a media partner and it was represented by assistant professor Ioan-Cosmin MIHAI – Vice President of RAISA.

Cybersecurity Conference

The main guideline of the event was to create an open dialogue between Romanian and foreign State Institutions, to show how their activities can help the private sector and private actors, to explain their needs, in order to create a useful brainstorming, potentially a ‘generator’ of new measures and law projects. The conference was organised as a platform for public-private dialogue in the field of cybersecurity. A selected panel of foreign and Romanian prominent personalities in the field of cybersecurity attended the event thanks to the collaboration between Swiss WebAcademy and ITU and CERT-RO.

Cybersecurity Conference

The event brought together 74 speakers representing both public and private companies from 29 countries: prominent speakers from both public and private sectors, speakers from Romania and from nearby countries: Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia and Czech Republic. The speakers created the most useful dialogue possible between states, IT security actors and IT consumers, allowing the organizers to continue and strengthen their initiative.

Cybersecurity Conference

Among the Key speakers of conference, we can mention the following ones:

  • H.E. Jean-Hubert Lebet – Ambassador of Switzerland;
  • Rosheen Awotar-Mauree – Cybersecurity officer, ITU;
  • Augustin Jianu – Director, CERT-RO;
  • Ioan Cindrea – President, Sibiu County Council;
  • Prof. Ing. Dr. Ioan Bondrea – Rector, “Lucian Blaga” University;
  • Prof. Dr. Horia Pop – “Babes-Bolyai” University;
  • General Marcel Opris – Director, Special Telecommunications Service;
  • Florin Cosmoiu – Head of CYBERINT, Romanian Intelligence Services;
  • Virgil Spiridon – Appointed Head of the Direction for Countering Organized Crime;
  • Ramsés Gallego – Security Strategist, Dell Security;
  • Max Klaus – MELANI, Switzerland;
  • Gorazd Božič  – SI-CERT, Slovenia.

Cybersecurity Conference

The conference begun with one day of intensive basic courses for entrepreneurs in IT security awareness and strategy “Learn basics of the cyberworld you’re living in”. Some of the presentations from this section:

  • Using Business Intellingence by Integrating the Cyber Security Factor. Threats & Legal Issues” held by Dr. Ionel Niţu & Law. Adrian Ceparu from ASIA – Association of Specialists in Information for Business,
  • Cybernetic Risks – Incidents and Advanced Attaks and Their Impact on Companies and Government Institutions” held by Mr. Teodor Cimpoeşu – Cybersecurity Director at certSIGN & certSiGN team,
  • Cybersecurity Awarness for Non-Technical Decision Makers“ held by Mr. Raoul Chiesa – CEO at Security Brokers International, Italy.

Cybersecurity Conference

The conference was structured into four workshop: Law and Law enforcement, Investigation & Forensics, eGovernment, CERTS and public-private standards and Mobile & Cloud security, all with a foreign and a Romanian moderator, from both public and private sector, who led the sessions stimulated debates and discussions. During the conclusions, each moderator drew a synthesis of the most important issues and data of his workshop.

Cybersecurity Conference

Some of the presentations during workshops we can mention:

  • Latest Attacks and the Role of an Early Warning System for Cybercrime Detection and Prevention Model” held by Albena Spasova – Director at International Cyber Investigation Academy, Bulgaria,
  • Cybersecurity and the Law: Implications and Future Perspectives with Regard to e-Government” held by Olga Demian – Lawyer & Senior researcher at the Information Society Development Institute, Republic of Moldova,
  • State of cyber security in Romania” held by Dan Tofan – Technical director, CERT-RO,
  • Current Threat Landscape in the Republic of Moldova” held by Natalia Spinu – Head, CERTGOV MD,
  • The Role of Croatian National CERT and ACDC – Advanced Cyber Defense Project” held by Darko Perhoc – Deputy CEO, HR-CERT,
  • Intelligence for Cyber Defense” held by Florin-Mihai Iliescu – General Manager, Infologica,
  • Exploit Packs and Malvertising: Silent Attacks that Changed the World” held by Bogdan Botezatu – Senior e-threat analyst for Bitdefender.

Cybersecurity Conference

The beautiful city of Sibiu, the excellent meeting infrastructure, the prominent speakers from both public and private sectors, the pleasant atmosphere that contributed to interesting and stimulating discussions and the competent and attentive staff ensured the success of this conference. The nice accommodation, the excellent food and the traditional dance show completed the memorable experience. RAISA recommends the conference “Cybersecurity in Romania” as a trade event for Romanian and foreign organizations and experts in the field of cybersecurity.

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