The International Multi Track Conference on Sciences, Engineering & Technical Innovations, The CT Group of Institutions, India

The International Policing Forum, The People’s Public Security University of China, China

The Conference Cybersecurity Challenges, Marshall Center, Romania

IDC IT Security Roadshow, The International Data Corporation (IDC), Romania

The Seminar GoDigital, PRISMA European Network, Romania

The International Law Enforcement Cooperation Course, The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), Hungary

The AEPC Conference & General Council Meeting, The Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC), Turkey

Challenges and Opportunities in Cyberspace Workshop, Al. I. Cuza Police Academy, Romania

Challenges and Opportunities in Cyberspace Workshop - Second Edition, Al. I. Cuza Police Academy, Romania

Tor and Darknet Course, The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), Romania


Conference of Launching the Strategy and Policies Studies – SPOS 2017

On February 28, 2018, the European Institute of Romania (IER) in partnership with Ministry of European Affairs – MAE, Romania, organized Conference of Launching the Strategic Studies and Policies – SPOS 2017, at the Romanian Academy Library. I attended this event as a speaker and coordinator of the SPOS project.

The SPOS 2017 project, reached its 12th edition, involved the realization of a new series of studies to support the process of elaborating Romania’s policies in the post-accession period. Four research themes were included in the edition of 2017:

  • 1. The Impact of Romania’s Accession to the European Union on the Romanian Economy. Sectoral analysis (industry, agriculture, services, etc.);
  • 2. Romania – provider of expertise in democratic transition for the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan countries;
  • 3. Romania and the Single Digital Market of the European Union. Opportunities and challenges;
  • 4. Current challenges in the field of cyber security – the impact and contribution of Romania in the field.

During this Conference, I presented the “Current Challenges in the Field of Cybersecurity – Impact and Romania’s Contribution in the Field“, which has as its objective general analysis of the current challenges in the area of ​​cyber space, identifying itself threats, vulnerabilities and risks to cyber security. Capacity is being studied Romania’s response to the threats present in the virtual environment, both at national level and at the level European and regional level.

The project’s specific objectives are identifying and classifying vulnerabilities and risks present in cyberspace, analysis of evolution and structure of cyber attacks, identification good practices on preventing and limiting the effects of these attacks, Romania’s preparation for counteracting the risks and challenges present in cyberspace, the analysis of public-private cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and the proposal cyber security policies on conciliating the Romanian regulatory framework with European recommendations in the field.